is a dancer, teacher, choreographer, and photographer located out of Indianapolis, IN. He specializes in hip hop and has been training as a self-taught artist from a young age, but most recently also received instruction from The Dance Refinery, in ballet, jazz, partnering, acro and contemporary. Efren has a strong love for all forms of dance and likes to consider them all forms of movement and art and to not close his mind to any one art form. His love for collaboration with other artists brought him to the world of light painting in 2015, where he combined dancers and long exposure photography to create artistry in a new way.

Efren has always had a natural talent for creating amazing visuals through photography and has evolved in the craft of light painting at a rapid pace, earning much praise from many photographers and light painters world wide. At a young age of 22, Efren has had the opportunity to travel the world, and much of the United States, making him one of the youngest light painters to date, excelling in this industry. Efren has traveled for light painting at events and locations such as: 

Much of his work has been shared and featured on websites and social media sites such as Photoshop's official Instagram page, LightPaintingBrushes.com, Light Painting World Alliance, Shutterbug photography blog and much more. 

Throughout his life, he has sought out training from those he most admired as a dancer. He has traveled the United States taking workshops and master classes from The Movement Lifestyle TOUR, Young Lions, Tremaine Dance Conventions, as well as spending summers studying his craft in Los Angeles, CA at The Movement Lifestyle, Debbie Reynolds, Millenium Dance Complex. His most recent venture was training with Gigi Torres and her mentor program Establish Your Empire Los Angeles Vol. 7, where he participated in a week long dance intensive ending with a performance in the exhibition forum of World of Dance Finals in Los Angeles, CA. He has also performed at the NFL Superbowl Village in Indianapolis, IN, won a National Title with Showstoppers National Dance Competitions, and is now eager to share his knowledge with his students so that they too can learn to love the artistry of dance. 

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